Value through Service and Understanding

General Industrial Supplier

We are a general industrial supplier for the following industries:

  • Geothermal Grouts
    Supplier of GeoPro Inc. high performance geothermal grouts
  • Water Filtration and Treatment Media Supplier
    High purity sands for filtration
    Vermiculite and expanded perlite
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Cryogenic Insulation
    Supplier of Supreme Perlite – Expanded Perlite

Transloading & Warehousing Services

We offer the following warehousing services:

  • Transloading of palletized goods from intermodal containers
    Unloading or loading of intermodal containers and the temporarily staging/storing of goods.
  • Temporary Secured Storage
    Temporary secured storage of palletized goods in our 35,000 sqft warehouse.
  • Transloading and repackaging of bulk material from railcars
    With our 500’ rail siding we can unload bulk material from a hopper or gondola railcar directly into a haul truck or pneumatic tanker. We can also repackage bulk material into bulk bags for easier storage and transportation.